Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Study Break!

All afternoon I have been doing homework and studying for our test on Monday.About an hour and a half ago I took a study break to meet Mom and Becca in downtown Huntsville.....and we have booked our reception location!!!! I am SO thrilled.

A few posts ago I said that we would be having our reception at GaN, where my dad works. After some thinking and a couple of difficult decisions, Michael and I decided that it would be better to have the reception elsewhere. Our guest list was growing, and to be quite honest, the space at GaN was not! We started looking around at other places and after Mom and I went to the bridal fair 2 weekends ago, I knew that the Grand Hall at Early Works was the place for us. We have some AWESOME plans for covering up those tacky Alabama seals on the walls and other ideas as well. I am very excited that we found a place that can be just what I had hoped for.

And the bridal fair.....oh my! Very overwhelming. Everyone knows I love lists...so here it goes!
1. I realized just how expensive weddings really are! Of course you know that the big ticket items (dress, locations, caterer, photographer, etc) are outrageous, but the little things add up too. We are back to the drawing board on a "budget" with Daddy.
2. A few weeks ago I was positive I had made decisions on a few things....and now I just don't know! I have become very indecisive about a few key items and I am interested to see which way I will lean with them.
3. Like I said before, so overwhelming! Some things you can live without on your wedding day, but there were things that I had not thought of that made me think more. See #2 about being indecisive? This is why...

As far as all things wedding are concerned, I recently began the registry process. I think that it is so very exciting! While it is not the "things" you are given that make up your marriage, a lot of great memories can be made from these things. For example, my mom has a set of plates that she registered for when she and Daddy got married 25 years ago. Ever since I was a little girl I can remember eating off of those plates at the dinner table....and dinner at the Fraley household always involves some crazy, funny memories! I am excited to go with Michael and see things that he deems "needable." It should be fun and interesting!

One of the things that I am most excited about recently is a class at church that Michael and I are planning to attend. It is about marriage and I think that it will be a great eye-opener for us. I also believe it will be great for us to take a break from everything that is every day life and really focus on us and our relationship with God. So exciting!

Nothing else new is really going on....just getting along with school and work. Beyond ready for Spring Break because I cannot get that dress out of my head.....!

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