Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I promised myself not to....

But promises are made to be broken sometimes, right?

During the weekend, Laura Beth (my sister and one of my MOH's) and I found a bridesmaid dress that we liked. We looked to see where the brand was carried. Luckily enough, Madison Town and Country carries the line. We decided to go with Mom to look at the dress and maybe get some more ideas of things we liked.

The understanding in the three of us going to the bridal store was that I WAS NOT trying on ANY wedding dresses. I didn't even want to look at them! I made a deal with myself months ago to lose a certain amount of pounds before I would try one on. Not an outrageous amount, but a certain amount nonetheless.

Of course we got there and they didn't have that particular bridesmaid dress in stock. We perused the other racks of dresses for the 'maids, wrote down a few we liked, and talked. We were done looking and ready to go when Mom said, "Don't you just want to look at the dresses for a minute before we leave?" I was positively against the idea and said no, while Laura Beth insisted that she knew I wanted to look. After some more persuasion, we were in the bridal room looking at dresses. And I was beyond overwhelmed.

Amber, a sales associate, directed us to different designers, dress styles, etc. We looked through the racks of one designer in particular because there was a dress that I saw online that I thought I would like. They didn't have that one, so we looked for another. One dress that Mom loved they did have. Amber pulled it out of the bag and hung it up for us to look. It was beautiful. We continued to look...until I found this one dress. It was elegant and gorgeous. I pulled it out from the rack...but not off the rack. My mom took it off the rack and hung it separately by itself....and this is where our trouble starts.

Next thing I know, Amber is telling me that she's starting me a dressing room, Laura Beth is saying "I told you so" and Mom is asking if there are any others I want to try on! I don't know what happened in that few minutes....but my stomach was in knots and my hands were clammy and I was a nervous wreck!

While we're at it, let's get something straight. I have NEVER been shy about shopping or trying on clothes. Never ever. This was a very shocking feeling for me, and I think for my mom and sister too.

The first dress I put on. I don't think words can describe how I was feeling...but I will try anyway. My heart was pounding. Not only because I was nervous, but because it was the most beautiful thing I think I have ever tried on....way better than any prom or homecoming dress. For the first time since Michael and I got engaged, I think I really realized that I am going to be a bride. For me, putting on that first dress made those little girl dreams of being a Princess and having a Prince Charming come true. It was an amazing feeling!

But the first dress was nothing short of magnificent. If there was ever a dress to scream my name at me, this is it. The second dress wasn't me at all, and that's ok. I know that in the future there will be more dresses to try on....but I know that dress number one will be terribly, incredibly hard to top. There is a possibility that it may be the dress.

Earlier today I posted on Facebook that I tried on my first dress. A former teacher of of ours left a comment giving me a wonderful piece of advice. She encouraged me to document, as much as I can, everything about wedding planning and our time of engagement. I am so glad that she suggested that. I hope that this blog will be an awesome way to help us remember everything that is going on in our lives, and not just that one day when we get married.

I guess to finish, last night Michael and I went to get coffee together. Usually coffee means loads of great conversation...and I am thankful for that. So many times we are so busy with school and work and other things that we don't always have time to talk about things. Last night was wonderful because it just added another reason to the list of millions of reasons of why I am so thankful to have Michael in my life and how blessed I am that we will be able to spend the rest of our lives together.

I am so excited about the things to come! More later.

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