Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free at last!

So today at 3:30, M and I began our 2 week long summer vacation. What's in the works for the next 2 weeks? Work, sleep, getting ready for fall semester....oh and some wedding planning of course! I am extremely thankful to be done with class for a bit!!

I am in a list kind of mood, so here goes my blog post!

Newest updates about all things wedding....
1. I am about 99% positive that we have found our wedding invitations. I have one place left to look, but I think what we have found will be hard to top, at least in my mind. This invite is really what I was looking for...traditional, classy, timeless, etc. Thankfully, M liked it too so that is awesome!

2. Wedding website will be posted as soon as M finishes asking his groomsmen to be his groomsmen. When will that be? I don't know. Obviously my May 31st deadline for the website is WAY out the window!!

3. Our guest list is growing and our ceremony location is not. Decisions, decisions...possible changes, who knows! M has graciously volunteered his time in this area, so I am nearly willing to let it go and let him make the big decision. Who knows how that will go! I know he knows me well and knows how important this day is for us, so I am sure he will make a fabulous decision!

4. Engagement pictures are scheduled for August 22nd. We are really excited to finally spend some with Alyson and have these pictures! I am especially excited about seeing them and choosing portraits for canvases, etc. It makes me excited to decorate our future home!

5. We are meeting with Barbara soon! Very excited to nail down the food, flowers, cake, and reception details.

That's all for now....definitely some more int he next week since I will actually have a little time to devote to planning and spending some real time with my love!