Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Honeymoon + Photographer = Awesome Week!!!

Well the last week or so has been nothing short of eventful for Michael and me! Lots of exciting and fun news to share in this post, so I hope you're ready!

Last week I got a phone call saying that we won a free honeymoon! We were so excited! We went on Saturday to a presentation and got all of our information. The trip we have chosen is all inclusive....TO THE BAHAMAS! The package pays for 2 nights/3 days, so we are going put in the extra money to make it 5 nights/6 days and get out of town for the week. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to have this happen to us!

Bahamas? Yes, please!

This afternoon after we went with my mom to Hartselle to meet our photographer. This might actually be more exciting to me than the honeymoon! We have chosen to use Alyson with Eternal Reflections Photography and I could not be more happy about it! I am absolutely in love with her photos and her! She seems so fun, creative, and flexible. I think she is going to do a wonderful job with our engagement and wedding photos and I cannot wait to work more with her. To me, the photographer may be the most important person of our big day. She is going to give us the pictures to put in our new home, to give to our parents, to hand down to our children and even our grandchildren. After all the craziness of the day is over, we only have pictures (not food or flowers or whatever) to help us relive and remember that day and just how wonderful it was. Check out her website above or her Facebook page!

Also in the works this week is some musical entertainment. When Mom and I went to the bridal fair we found out about this group of sisters that play the violin, piano, and cello. It is beautiful! I am so excited about incorporating them into our celebration!

Finally, I have officially become undecided about the color of bridesmaids dresses. Pretty much any input or opinions would be more than welcome at this point because I am drowning in my own indecisiveness! This is the next thing that has to be taken care of...so send on the suggestions!

Lastly, I am so excited for this weekend because Laura Beth is coming home! I can't wait to see my little sister and spend some time with her....when I'm not studying!! haha. But I guess that is all of the exciting news for right now. I'm sure that there will be more exciting news later!

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