Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Where to begin?!

I guess I really should be asleep right now because I know I have a long day tomorrow....but I have been dying to start this blog for weeks! I'll start with a little background info and work my way from there!

Michael and I started dating around May 2008. I left for Knoxville in August and came home to go to UAH in May of 2009. We were both accepted into the UAH College of Nursing in April 2010.

August started our first semester of nursing school....which is a completely different world from any other types of class! It is rigorous, ridiculous, and rewarding all at once. I am proud to say that the semester finished well. Christmas break has been an awesome breath of fresh air and I know that starting back in Jauary will be so hard!

In September, Michael proposed in Knoxville! I was so excited and so shocked, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am so excited that I am going to spend every day of the rest of my life with the person that God made just for me! It is an amazing thing to think about.

Since September it has been difficult to make any wedding plans....but they are coming along. So far we have.....
-Set a date! FINALLY! We will be married July 14, 2012
-Found a ceremony location! The ceremony will be held at Randolph Church of Christ in Downtown Huntsville. It is a beautiful, old church that was built in the late 1800s. It is complete with stained glass windows, beautiful wooden pews....and a center aisle!
-Found a reception location! The reception will be held at GaN Corporation in South Huntsville. GaN is where Daddy works as the Director of Operations. The building is the former site of the historic Mr. C's Restaurant and Tavern. It is complete with 4+ chandaliers, beautiful staircases, and stained glass windows, among other things.
-Chosen my bridesmaids! I am so excited and very pleased with the ladies that I have asked to be a part of our special day!

Before school starts back I am hoping to contact the photographer that we like, finalize colors and flowers, and finish researching caterers and florists.

I have also started a wedding website! This is something that I just thought was SO fun and I could not pass up the chance to make one. It is still in the early there will be more about that later!

Enough wedding stuff-it is almost Christmas! I can hardly believe that we only have 2 more shopping days left and I still have a few gifts to buy. I am not normally this behind! Tomorrow and Thursday will be full of getting ready for spending lots of time with family, eating lots of food, and giving lots of gifts!