Sunday, July 24, 2011

P is for Procrastination

Tuesday we have a test, and I should be studying. But, today I have been the master of procrastination....and it continues with this blog post! :)

There are a few things that I want to blog about....mainly work, school, and more wedding things! Very excited about some things that are happening right now!

Work has literally taken over my life in the last week. I usually work one shift a week (12hrs), but this week I worked 3! Seriously, it was an incredible shock to my sleep schedule and my body. It was definitely a great glimpse of what I can anticipate once I graduate and have to work all the time. Of course it may not be as bad then because I won't be in school and planning for a marriage and a wedding, but who knows. Life seems like it runs 9087536 mile an hour all the I am learning to enjoy every second of what is going on in my life right now-whether good or bad-because I won't ever be in the situations I'm in right now.

School? What is there to say about school? Two words: Burned. Out. That's all. The end. Those 2 words are probably the reason that I am not studying right now!! Definitely ready for a few days of "summer" so I can relax and do "nothing." <----Is there such a thing?!

A few new things have happened with our wedding plans. Things are slowly starting to become more real, and for a few different reasons. I think the biggest reason is the fact that we have so many friends that are engaged and many more that will be married in the next few months. This almost makes me think "WHOA! We are old enough for THAT?!" Today my little sister Becca (she's 11) said "Why are all these people that you getting married? It's really weird!" And she is totally right! It's weird to think that we aren't little kids in elementary school like her anymore...but that we are adults that are about to commit the rest of our lives to each other. What an awesome (and scary) thing!

So wedding plans....

-I ordered one of the gifts for my bridesmaids this past week and got them already! They turned out great and I am really excited about them!!

-Last Friday, Mom and I drove out to Hartselle to visit Something Blue. I was having some cold feet about something about my dress. I know that comment was really vague, but I don't want to give away too many details! Anyway, we went by and everything is fine and that was a HUGE load off of my mind! Funny how we (and by that I mean "I") sweat the little things.

-Last Saturday M and I went to a wedding reception to see some work that Barbara, our caterer/baker/decorator was doing. She is just a fabulous in person as her pictures have been from previous weddings. We were able to get some great ideas from seeing her work in person. It was really great for M and me to connect over this reception stuff, too. He sometimes doesn't enjoy wedding things so it was fun for me to have some good input from him. I am really pleased that we are going to use her!

-I think Michael is going to ask his groomsmen to be his groomsmen soon. This is basically the biggest development ever because that means I will be able to complete and debut our wedding website. Awesome!

-I have ordered some sample wedding invitations. This is probably one of the biggest decisions I will make outside of my dress. I absolutely love stationary/personalized things and this invitation is no exception to that love and obsession. I am really excited to see and touch those samples and think about the fact that that invite has our names for our wedding on it. Another thought that makes everything seem more real and a little bit closer to happening!

Ok, so I have successfully wasted about 45 minutes on this post so I think I should at least try to get back to studying. Hopefully my next post this week will be about a few more wedding things and our house! I am still trying to get some pictures together so we can show it off!

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