Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tears, Tulle, and Temptation

As some of you already know, I said "yes" to the dress this past Saturday. It was a stressful but fun and rewarding day. My blog title today? It just about perfectly sums up the events of my morning appointment at The Something Blue Shoppe in Hartselle, Alabama.

Let's face it....we all knew there would be tears because, quite frankly, my mother and I were both involved in the process and we are cry babies. Tulle....it is the only hint that I will be giving about my dress until the day that is unveiled at our wedding. Maybe it is made of tulle.....or maybe not? :) Temptation describes the instance when I tried on a dress that was one I have been stalking for quite some time. I loved it to death.....but it just was not what I was looking for. Tempting? Quite so.

Saturday morning was hectic and I was already a nervous wreck. I stayed at my parent's home in Madison so that Mom and I could swing by and pick up Nina and then head to Hartselle. Laura Beth was driving in from Auburn that morning to meet us at Something Blue. I went to my house in Huntsville on Friday night to pick up clothes, etc. but after a Starbuck's date with some lovely friends...I realized I packed everything but a shirt to wear. Since it was midnight 30 when I discovered this, I decided to drive back to Huntsville in the morning. BAD IDEA! We all know I hate to run late and I was the one running late! Frustrating.

We got to Hartselle, parked, and then had to help Laura Beth parallel park.....and then we went in. I was nervous and unsure of what to expect but I was thoroughly glad to have three of the most important people in my life with me.

We walked in and I met my literal fairy god mother, Robin. She was absolutely FABULOUS. She asked me a few questions and asked if I brought any pictures. I showed her the first picture and she already pulled two gowns, then she pulled the exact gowns in the pictures, etc. She was great!!! We looked through the racks, pulled a few more dresses, and then we decided that it would be time to try some on. This is the part where I walk in the room and see like 15+ wedding dresses hanging. At this point I was just excited so I took off my shoes and got ready to change while Robin brought me some fabulous peep toed pumps with rhinestones and a four inch heel. We were well on our way to trying on some lovely dresses!

The first dress I tried on was beyond incredible. I walked out and stood on the pedestal, held the mirror, had a veil put on me....it was truly a real bridal experience. This dress was so fabulous that it was in the running until the very end-and it became the dress that nearly every other dress was compared to for the entire day. I tried on 2 or 3 more dresses that I liked but not as much as the first. Then I tried on this fabulous Justin Alexander dress that I had been stalking in a magazine and online. It was an incredible dress and we all agreed that it was to be set aside and put into the running with the first dress.

It was when we were walking back to the dressing room that I saw THE dress I had been creeping on. We decided not to try it on because it was a ridiculous price....so we went on our merry way with a few more dresses. I liked some more, but not in comparison to the other two. There were only 2 or so dresses left in my room when Mom decided that I should try on the dress I'd been creeping on. I basically love my mom did you know that?

So I put on this Justin Alexander dress and I was immediately overwhelmed and beyond confused. It was a lovely dress and I was in love with it...it even gave me the butterflies and flushed feeling. Laura Beth, Nina, and Mom all loved it. Tempting. But something just was not right! It was not as flattering as some of the other dresses and it was certainly a lot more poofy. We decided to hang it on the rack with the other two dresses that were to be revisited.

Then I put back on the first dress that I tried on all day. It was lovely and flattering and everyone loved it-but something was still missing for me. I had in my head this picture of what I always thought I would wear on my wedding day and how I would feel...and this dress was not saying those things to me. Standing on the pedestal at that moment in front of the mirror might have been one of the scariest moments for me, as stupid as that sounds. The dress I had on was awesome and the next dress I needed to revisit was equally as awesome....but they were exact opposites of each other. The third dress was mostly out the window because of price and that weird feeling. Two dresses, complete opposites, doubly confused bride-to-be.

As I was standing there, an associate brought out this dress and suggested I try it on. I was not opposed since I was already confused as all get out, so I figured that another dress couldn't hurt the situation any more. Mom and I went back to the dressing room where I just sat and took a break. I really thought I was about to bawl my eyes out due to frustration and confusion. Fairy god mother brought me some water, Mom gave me a pep talk, and I was ready to try on one last dress.

I think that before I even walked out of the dressing room I knew this was my dress. Something was different. I felt different, beautiful, and like a bride. I walked out and stood on the pedestal, feeling less overwhelmed and more confident. Mom was looking weepy, I felt weepy, and Nina and Laura Beth were already crying!

Can I please just interject here and say that Nina and Laura Beth don't cry?! This was HUGE!

Of course since they cried, you know I did too! We all knew it was the dress and before I could even say "yes" LB and Nina had their cameras out snapping pictures-which was a big deal because you have to purchase before you can photograph. They knew just as well as I did that this was the dress. We all hugged and cried happy tears, called Daddy, and took pictures.

Overall my experience was wonderful. I loved the dresses, and although I became slightly confused about my decision during the process, I know that I ended up with the perfect dress. Robin was truly amazing and if anyone goes to Something Blue looking for a dress, I would highly recommend her. I truly believe that this dress was made for me to wear it. I can't wait for everyone to see it-especially Michael! I know he is trying to be sneaky but he is just going to have to wait another 431 days to see it! :)

Keep looking for more updates this month! I am trying to finish up our wedding website and we are scheduled to go back to look at our ceremony location next week. I also have a potential update on bridesmaids dresses as well as colors!

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